University of Lodz
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Papers to be presented at FindEcon

We are looking for the papers/posters on the topics specified

as the names of conference topic sessions.


We also invite you to submit papers in the following topics:

  • Micro- and macroeconomic modelling
  • Economic growth
  • Monetary, fiscal, trade policies and economic growth
  • Business cycle analysis and forecasting
  • Modelling and forecasting financial markets
  • Macroprudential policy, stress testing and economic policy
  • Pricing and valuation of capital and portfolio selection
  • Modelling and forecasting in data-rich environment
  • Operation research, game theory and optimal control as tools of economic decisions making
  • Advances in financial econometrics and statistics

Send us an extensive technical abstract (up to 200 words) or a paper draft.





Maciej Malaczewski
Secretary of FindEcon2016
University of Lodz
Rewolucji 1905 r. Str. No. 41
90-214 Łódź, Poland
Phone: (+48 42) 635 5248
Fax: (+48 42) 635 5025

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